Information for Parents


Information for Parents

We consider security and privacy on the Internet to be serious issues. Your child should be able to have fun in an environment that’s safe.
What is is an online gaming site for children, teens, and other gamers. It features a huge collection of racing games, humorous games, action games, and an assortment of challenging strategy and puzzle ones, too. Users can join others in games that feature multiplayer modes and new titles are often added, which means there’s always new games to try out.
Dear Parent/Guardian,

To help protect your child online, it’s important that:

  • Your child always promises to be honest about his or her age.

  • Your child never provides others with their personal information. This includes his or her address, email address, or phone number.

  • Your child never shares his or her password and picks a safe username that does not reveal personal details or attract negative attention that could put them at risk.

  • Your child should also know that he or she should come to you if they ever feel uncomfortable with their interactions with others or any content they view online.

  • And finally, he or she should be made aware that his or her profile can be viewed by third parties (depending on his or her privacy settings).

    Who can create an account on

    Anyone who enjoys our games and would like to keep track of their high scores, awards, creations, friends, and more.
    How do we keep this site safe for our users?

    Needless to say, we monitor activity on the site. Unfortunately, because we cannot be everywhere at once, we also:

    • Ask users to report anyone using hurtful or inappropriate language (comments, messages, and/or usernames) or images (avatars and/or creations).

    • Your child should also use language filters to help prevent them from viewing any inappropriate content that might appear from other users.

      How much does it cost to become a member?

      Nothing! We provide free games here at, but we do display advertisements on the site.


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